Thursday, October 6, 2011

What is underlying issue for my car - wheel problems on Acura Integra?

I own a 1999 Acura Integra with 120,000 miles on it, that has always run great. It seems however that whenever it does need repairs it always revolves around brake/wheel problems. I had to replace both front wheel bearings in Jan 2007 and again in Jan 2008. The ABS sensors on at least one of my wheels is dead. The front rims on my car have darkened a bit. It looks heat-related to me. It does not just wipe off, I have tried using many different cleaners. They are often hot to the touch after driving too. The back rims on the other hand look fine. Have had to replace brakes and brake pads within the past year as well (although this seems like normal wear and tear to me)

My question is this...does this sound like there may be some underlying condition with my car that is causing so many wheel problems. If so, what are some possibilities? The thing that strikes me as odd is the 2 wheel bearing changes and the heat-charred rims. Whenever I take it to a shop nobody ever suggests anything even when I raise the issue. Even the Acura shop said nothing.

Maybe unrelated, but I replaced the muffler system 2-3 years ago, and right now I need to do it again.

Thank you.
What is underlying issue for my car - wheel problems on Acura Integra?
The wheel bearings should probably be warranty, and the dust on the rims is probably normal break dust, if you get ceramic pads next time it will cut down on the brake dust. It is normal for the rim to be slightly warm or hot after is bolted to the rotor which absorbs almost all of the heat from braking.
What is underlying issue for my car - wheel problems on Acura Integra?
If you live somewhere where it snows or rains alot then it's not suprising that is all you've had to do for a car with 120,00 miles. It's pretty average. I've seen alot of cars with wheel bearing going out. Although if only the front ones went bad try getting a front end alignment.
You have a stuck brake caliper. You probably got the brakes so hot that it baked the grease out of the wheel bearing. You'll need to replace the caliper and the rotor. Hopefully that'll solve your problem.
Your ABS sensor could be the problem its activating the brakes when they don't need to be there for overheating you brake disks


whenever I drive my front tires make a sound similar to that of a flat tire but the tires r new and they are not on flat,I know a wheel bearing change is very costly I called pep boys and they said 600$ I'm not willinng to pay anyone know where I can go ? and do I just need them tightened? I'm 100% sure that I will not pay for new ones just something I refuse to do so ill just continue to drive until they fall off ,can I tighten them myself please help me
Changing wheel bearings is a do-it-yourself job if you have a torque wrench. Although, Some bearing replacements require a Hydraulic press.

I would go to and fill out the form on the right. Ask them if you need any special tools to replace the bearings.

(Also, if you do it yourself you are looking at $40 to $200 (max) in cost)

Good Luck!
They can not be just tightened. They have to be replaced. Sorry,
i just fix a niegbors car bearings the other day. cost of bearings=40 dollars=cost of labor=case of bud lite. sorry someone is pulling your leg.
if it,s a rear wheel drive then maybe all the bearings need is packed with grease and adjusted. jack up your car and see if you can shake the wheels.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I have a 2002 hyundai elantra 125000 mi i have a humming noise coming from the passenger side wheel area when?

driving and when i turn the wheel to the left it gets louder. is this a wheel bearing? i did jack the car up and checked the the wheel for play there isn't any. should i replace the wheel bearing? if so how hard is it to change thanks.
I have a 2002 hyundai elantra 125000 mi i have a humming noise coming from the passenger side wheel area when?
You definately have all of the symtoms of a wheel bearing before long you will probably see looseness in the bearing on that side!
I have a 2002 hyundai elantra 125000 mi i have a humming noise coming from the passenger side wheel area when?
Good possibility that it is a wheel bearing but if it is you will need the assistance of a front end shop because it is a sealed bearing that is pressed into a hub.Take it to a shop to get it diagnosed first and see what they would charge to replace it.

Rear wheel bearing or brake going bad.?

my girlfriend has a ford escape and yesterday it started making a pretty bad like squeak or grind noise. it almost sounds like a brake has gone bad but it doesn't change if you put on the brakes, but if you get over like 10ish miles an hour the sound goes away. i think it is either the brake getting bad (it's been a few years since they have been changed) or a bearing has gone bad, but i am by far no mechanic. my real question is she has an appointment for monday at the mechanic but still has to drive 30 mins to work and 30 back (back roads) until then. will the car be okay until monday or should she try to work something out to get her moms car until then (which would be a pain in the... you know)? i just want her to be safe so any mechanics out there help me out.

thanks in advance.
Rear wheel bearing or brake going bad.?
brakes would be the first choice for bearing is a rare thing to go out... as for safe it shoul dhold up but more damage the longer you drive it
Rear wheel bearing or brake going bad.?
yes, it'll be ok to drive---this sound you hear is usually caused by worn brake pads---glazed pads---no big deal----some times just goin in and ruffin the pad surface with sand paper will clear it up------but best to just replace the pads---and rotors--do it right
If the sound changes when you are in a wide turn, with the car leaning to one side, then changes sound again when you turn in the other direction, it's probably a bearing. Usually when they fail, it will make sound in only one direction of turn.
ill tell you what to do. jack it up and spin the wheel and shake it. if its a wheel bearing, it should make a noise. before the brakes can make a noise, you have to put them on, unless you have a spring broke, rubbing on something in the drum.

Camry 1999, have sound from rear bearing of wheel?

when i am driving ,i feel some sound from rear wheel,when i showed to mechanic, he is saying i will have to change the entire hub of wheel ,is it wisable to change the hub instead of simple bearing ,plz i need the correct answer
Camry 1999, have sound from rear bearing of wheel?
Is wisable even a word?
Camry 1999, have sound from rear bearing of wheel?
The bearing can be changed as long as the hub is not ruined.....
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  • A Wheel bearing on my car is starting to whine (noticeable when going around corners) My question is?

    How long before I have to change it. (in miles) I had heard then CAN rumble on for 1000,s of miles.
    A Wheel bearing on my car is starting to whine (noticeable when going around corners) My question is?
    It would be best to change it now,$300 now is better than $500 later!! When a bearing goes bad it can cause damage to other parts.......
    A Wheel bearing on my car is starting to whine (noticeable when going around corners) My question is?
    might not be wheel bearing.Had sim whine on turn n with help drove in lt/rt circle, set stands under eels 2 let the eels be in rd position. With steer n on a turn and a wheel be n hand rotated, whine come from twisted left ft brake bac n plate scuf n brake rotor.

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    I wouldn't go too long with a bad bearing...when it seizes up, be prepared to replace the whole drivetrain on that side...
    The bearing can make noise for a while, but if it builds up enough heat (noise comes from friction and friction causes heat and damage), the inner and/or outer race can weld itsself to the spindle or carrier. It that were to happen, it turns a not too difficult fix into an ugly and expensive one. Procrastination is not good in this case. On the other end, it can rumble for thousands of miles and slowly disentegrate untill that wheel loses control, which could be fatal.
    It wont pass an MOT like it because the brakes will fail because of it (thats if you dont kill someone first). I had a loose wheel bearing problem with a previous car and because I left it it welded itself to the hub and I had to pay for both.
    what you have heard is a complete fluke on there part as some cars can go for miles with problems and others just fail straigh away...

    it is entirely up to you whether you want to play that risk but when it does break be prepared for gigantic bill that follows, honestly it is not cheap and when it happened to me i just scrapped the car....
    Why wait to change it? It won't cure itself and you are risking doing even more damage, or even worse, having an accident due to a bearing failure (at worst, your wheel may seize).
    Time to bite the bullet and get it changed NOW. A couple of hundred dollars spent now could save a thousand later.
    replace the cv axel before it is to late if it is a front wheel drive
    The longer you leave it, the more it wears the wheel hub that it is fitted into, and if the bearing is dry, it can start to break up inside the hub, and that would be expensive to fix.
    Turn your radio up real loud and you can drive for miles and miles without having to listen to it whine !
    Are you sure the incessant whine you hear every time you drive around a corner is not just your girlfriend telling you to %26quot;SLOW DOWN%26quot;? Seriously though, GET IT FIXED!
    Fix it now! It can lock up and ruin the axle/spindle and could cause a wreck. Don't take a chance. Spend a little now, or a lot later

    OK?................ Ok.
    they can, but it may just need grease. It's dead easy to do once you've been shown. well worth a haynes manual.
    the other person is right can freeze up on you and cause more problems.if i were you i would get right on that and get it fixed,because if it freezes up,ill guarentee you,that you wont go anywhere.


    Just last week I pulled out of work parking lot (which is gravel and mud with big puddle holes. Deep too) and I noticed a humming /vibration coming from under the car. I have a 4wd 2002 ford explorer. The noise/feeliing gets harder to notice at higher speeds, and when I am braking from 40ish, there is a clanking noise. And when I slow down, so does the humming vibration. But! It doesn't see, to be there all the time.

    I was parked at a slant recently (uphill), and when I left, the clanking and vibration was the worst it ever was. And today when pulling onto a frontage rd, the turn is a tight turn that you have to slow way down for, and its downhill. And on that turn, I heard a squeeky clanking, and my steering wheel started shaking a bit after straightening out (and soon went away).

    I know this is a lot of info. But I thought it would help if I gave as many details as poss. I should add-I had both front wheel bearings changed last year and the problem this time is very similar, but in rear (which I understand can be different things). Any help is much appreciated guys!
    Brakes , steering and suspension is a must fix.

    Do not leave it unnattended.

    Get in to a qualified repair shop and get it fixed.
    type into search box

    how to check a wheel bearing

    how to check a wheel bearing video

    how to check

    how to repair

    how to install

    can pretty much find ahow to do it

    add video and might even see how to do it

    can find most car repairs this way

    that or if you have doubts take to a shop

    clanking not a good sign squeaking and clanking good sign it is bad

    id guess and say cv joint
    sounds more like a cv axle then a bearing. a bearing usually has a grinding noise.
    you may have picked up a piece of gravel between the calliper and rotor. remove the wheel and take a look